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c’t reveals: Security leak at Vodafone with major damage potential

For weeks, Vodafone’s private customer site had a small security hole with fatal consequences: Attackers were able to view customer data, inflate bills, and more. The gap was discovered by quality arance engineer Daniel Werner, who immediately reported it to Vodafone at the beginning of August, but received no response. That’s why he turned to the editors of c’t and heise Security – in the hope that the security hole will finally be plugged when the press inquires at Vodafone. This did indeed have the hoped-for effect. However, why the vulnerability in this prominent part of the website was only closed several weeks after it became known remains unclear. Read the whole story in the new c’t magazine.

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Auto parts supplier Mahle to close two plants in Germany

The automotive supplier Mahle wants to give up two plants in Germany as part of its tightening austerity measures. The closure of the production facility in Gaildorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, should be completed in the course of 2023, the company announced. The plant employs around 290 people and produces, among other things, camshafts and steel parts for commercial vehicles and cars. The plant in Freiberg, Saxony, with 85 employees, is to be closed by the first half of 2022.

Market researchers: mac sales have more than doubled at the beginning of the year

Apple’s Mac division sets new growth record, market researchers say. The manufacturer more than doubled Mac sales at the beginning of 2021: from about 3.2 million units in the same period last year, sales have now risen to over 6.6 million units, according to mutually independent estimates by market research firms IDC and Canalys. Both put the growth in Mac shipments accordingly at just over 100 percent – the roughest growth among the five roughest PC manufacturers.

Growth explosion in the PC market

According to the analysts, the PC market as a whole started a growth explosion in 2021. In particular, the continuing high demand for notebooks has been. The coronavirus pandemic continues to be seen as a driver, causing PC demand to rise massively, but in many regions only from the second quarter of 2020 onwards – the now high growth rates are therefore also due to the comparison with the still weak first quarter of the previous year.

Homeschooling and the home office are also creating increased demand at Apple, as the company explained last year – and this also applies to the iPad business. The introduction of the first Macs with Apple’s own M1 chip in November seems to have boosted sales even further, as market researchers stated in early January.

Cardiofitness and ecg: apple watch gets new health features

Apple expands health alerts on the Apple Watch. With version 7.2 of watchOS, users can be alerted when their fitness level is considered low. The watch will then offer advice on how to improve cardio fitness by exercising more, and also provide tips on how to "have a conversation with your doctor about how to do so", as Apple announced. It is a "clinical assessment", so the manufacturer.

Cardiorespiratory fitness is an important "variable in predicting overall health, Apple stressed", Apple stressed, citing the American Heart Association – low cardio fitness can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiofitness and ecg: apple watch gets new health features

Cardiofitness assessment with comparison and low level warning feature.

Controversial app store rules: apple reaches out to developers

Apple has adjusted the approval procedure for iOS apps: In the case of rule violations by apps already distributed in the App Store, bug fix updates will no longer be "delay", but it is a matter of "legal problems", as Apple announced on Monday. Apple takes a small step towards developers, the blocking of updates has long been a source of annoyance among app vendors.

arger about update blockade

Spotify accused Apple several years ago of using the app store approval process as leverage against competitors. Even in recent times, there have been repeated cases of Apple apparently withholding updates due to a dispute with the provider. For users, the update blockade can also be frustrating, as they might have to deal with a buggy app. However, developers will still have to correct Apple’s rule violation with another update.

Developers will now have the opportunity to challenge Apple’s rules and make suggestions for changes, Apple also announced – something that was not previously provided for. Developers can select a specific rule from the lengthy App Store Guidelines via their developer account and then submit their request. How and according to which criteria Apple decides about such requested rule changes remains unclear. Both changes to the access process were announced at the WWDC developer conference in June – shortly after a bitter public dispute with the provider of an email service.

Apple: fortnite maker epic still stealing money

In the dispute with Epic Games over in-app purchases, Apple is sharpening its tone: the Fortnite maker is stealing from Apple "Clearly identifiable sums of money to this day", as the iPhone company argues in a court filing – one must therefore be able to enforce civil claims against such behavior. Epic’s hidden introduction of an "unauthorized external payment system" rob Apple of "daily increasing amounts".

Apple: claiming ownership of in-app revenue

Apple: fortnite maker epic still stealing money

The casus knacksus: Epic secretly brought its own payment interface into Fortnite – a violation of Apple’s rules.

One had a "Claim of ownership" on revenue generated by in-app purchases from iOS users, Apple writes in its submission (Epic Games vs. Apple, Case No. 4:20-cv-05640, US District Court, Northern District of California) Digital content in iOS apps must be available for purchase through Apple’s In app purchase (IAP) interface; other payment systems are not allowed. Apple can thus retain up to 30 percent commission from each purchase. Several companies are now up in arms about this requirement and the size of the commission.

Fortnite can no longer be downloaded to iPhones and iPads after Apple’s App Store ejection, but can still be played if it is already installed. The latest version of the app includes an option to buy the game currency V-Bucks directly from Epic Games in parallel with Apple’s in-app payment interface, bypassing Apple’s 30 percent commission – players can still take advantage of this. Epic’s sneaky integration of the hidden direct payment option had originally triggered the dispute.

Dispute with apple over app store: epic fails with british flank

Games company Epic can’t take its rough competition lawsuit over Apple’s App Store to the U.K. for now. The competent British court on Monday dismissed a corresponding claim by.

Lawsuit against Google partially admitted

The competent judge ruled that the Competition Appeal Tribunal did not have jurisdiction and that the dispute had to be fought in the USA. Interestingly, he partially admits to a similar lawsuit against Google and its Play Store. Epic, developer of the popular game "Fortnite" also recently filed a competition complaint against Apple with the EU Commission.

Epic Games sees the rough legal battle with Apple and Google as a fundamental fight against closed platforms: It’s about more than just the 30 percent commission that app store operators collect for selling digital content, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said in an interview this month. He grew up with the Apple II at a time when anyone could write software, Sweeney said, so open platforms have always been important to him "the key to free markets and the future of computing" been.

Battle over payment interface: apple chief warns against app store-'flea market''flohmarkt'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out clearly against a direct payment option in iPhone apps, which is being demanded by several app providers. If developers:inside could offer their own payment options, it would turn the App Store into a "flea market" Cook warned in an interview "And you know the level of confidence you have in a flea market".

Cook: "No one wins" by offing

By such an opening of the payment interface became "no one win", Cook argued to the Canadian newspaper Toronto Star. In such a market there would be fewer people and therefore less innovation for users. For apps only a smaller circle of buyers would remain, which would be bad for developers.

Unbelievably, Cook also said that Apple would lose revenue because the company’s automatic commission is tied to the mandatory use of Apple’s payment interface – in its lawsuit with Epic Games, the iPhone company argued that it had a vested interest in in-app revenue from iOS users.