French photographer Scarlett Coten is being honored for her series of images Mectoub honored with the Leica Oskar Barnack Awards 2016. The winner of the young talent award is photographer Clementine Schneidermann with the photo project The Unbearable, the Sadness and the Rest. Scarlett Coten’s image series sheds light on images of roles and masculinity in the Arab world. Her portraits are intended above all to "draw attention to the ruptures between social conformity and individual longing".

Portraits of Arab Mackers

For four years, Coten traveled from North Africa to the Middle East and photographed numerous men there. Mectoub is a play on words from the Arabic "maktub", which means "it is written" and the French "le mec". A "mec" is in the vernacular a "Macker". Coten repeatedly succeeds in questioning the traditional image of men in the Arab world when she depicts "the guys" in women’s shoes or with long hair, for example. For her unusual series, Coten has 25.000 euros and a Leica M system worth 10.Receive 000 euros.

Tristesse in Wales

Much darker are the photographs of Clementine Schneidermann, who won this year’s Young Talent Award for her series The Unbearable, the Sadness and the Rest received. The pictures were taken in Sudwales, a region struggling with economic and social problems after the end of the coal mining industry. But the photos don’t just show the typical effects such as alcoholism, drugs and poverty. Instead, Schneidermann wanted to break down the "break down the barrier between the insider’s and the outsider’s view".

Radio interference: regulator pulls 'water vitalizer' out of circulation'wasservitalisierer' aus dem verkehr‚Äč

The German Federal Network Agency has prohibited the sale and use of a so-called "Water vitalizer" of the Swiss Wassermatrix AG forbidden. The device causes radio interference in the amateur radio band, the regulatory authority announced on Friday. According to the report, radio amateurs and other market surveillance authorities have repeatedly reported interference in the past year.

According to the manufacturer, the water vitalizer is supposed to energize the water by means of a hand probe, thereby strengthening the body’s self-healing powers. When the device is used, the water is "hexagonal" structured. "Healthy, hexagonal water is the basis of health and well-being", heibt on the website of the manufacturer, the "Basic Theory" of Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. The water vitalizer is a further development of Lakhovsky’s "multi-wave oscillator".

"A lot of money for one device"

According to the Federal Network Agency, the thing is not cheap: "The device costs around 8000 euros and has been bought more than 2400 times by consumers in Germany", announced the authority. Those affected were allowed to keep the device, but no longer use it in Germany. "Our test and measurement service ensures that frequencies can be used without interference", explained Wilhelm Eschweiler, Vice President of the Federal Network Agency. "At the same time, the sales ban protects consumers from spending a lot of money on a device they are not allowed to use."

Operation disruptor against darknet handlers: 179 arrests in seven states

In internationally coordinated operations, investigators in Europe and the U.S. arrested 179 people accused of illegal trafficking on the Darknet. The so-called Operation "Operation DisrupTor" is based on law enforcement successes in the aftermath of the shutdown of the Wall Street Market darknet trading site, European police agency Europol said.

This had enabled the identities of dozens of traders to be established, against whom action had been taken. According to the report, 42 arrests have been made in Germany, 119 suspects have been arrested in the U.S., 8 in the Netherlands, 4 in the U.K., 3 in Austria, 2 in Canada and one in Sweden.

Success thanks to Wall Street Market

In the spring of 2019, investigators from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) had arrested the suspected operators of the second largest illegal online marketplace on the darknet, Wall Street Market. Drugs, spied data, forged documents and malicious software were sold there. Later the so-called cyber bunker was excavated. Thanks to the success of the investigation, law enforcement was also able to identify dozens of the handlers involved, the U.S. Department of Justice now states. In Operation DisrupTor, these were targeted – over a total period of nine months. Other identities are still being investigated, so the investigation is not over yet.

Digital tax: eu commission to present its own plan in 2021 if necessary

The EU Commission wants to make its own push for taxation of international digital corporations in 2021 if necessary. "If there is no global agreement, we as the Commission will present draft proposals next year for both a digital tax and minimum taxation", announced Economic Affairs Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni on the sidelines of a meeting of EU finance and economics ministers in Berlin on Saturday. On this ie it is "it is now or never", something must be done now.

Global minimum taxation to combat tax haven flight

A digital tax has long been the subject of international debate. The ball is currently in the court of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which is to draw up a draft. The tax is primarily intended to target large American technology companies such as Amazon and Google, whose business model, according to critics, pays too little tax in individual markets. The USA is therefore rather reluctant. A global minimum tax is also being discussed, which would make it unattractive for large corporations to flee to tax havens.

Scholz was optimistic that there could still be a global agreement on the digital tax and continues to rely on an agreement at the OECD level, but also emphasized: "It cannot remain that we only talk to each other, but these things must also be implemented." In this context, he adheres to the rule "Never give up".

Electric car maker rivian receives $2.5 billion cash injection

In the latest round of funding, US electric car manufacturer Rivian has raised $2.5 billion. Rough funders of this round include the Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, as well as U.S. investment firm D1 Capital and automaker Ford Motor, Rivian announced Friday. In total, Rivian has received about $10.5 billion from investors since 2019.

In addition to the aforementioned three investors, investment firms T. Rowe Price Associates, Third Point, Fidelity Management and Research Company and Dragoneer Investment Group contributed to the funding. Rivan’s CEO RJ Scaringe said that the start of car production is imminent. Rivian already has a plant in the U.S. state of Illinois, and another is planned. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2022. The new money will be used to launch new vehicle programs, increase and expand the company’s domestic presence, and promote international product launches.

Electric trucks

As recently as January 2021, Rivian had received $2.65 billion from investors in a funding round. In contrast to the financing round that has now been completed, however, it was not Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund that was the driving force, but T. Rowe Price Associates. Amazon is particularly involved with Rivian, which has developed its own electric van for Amazon. By 2022, Rivian 10.000 of these transporters for Amazon, by 2030 there should be 100.000 vehicles. Amazon also intends to use this to improve its carbon footprint.

Mozilla's vpn is now also available in germany's VPN is now also available in germany

The Mozilla VPN runs over 754 servers in 35 countries, which are operated by Mullvad and can be selected. All network activity and IP address is obfuscated using WireGuard protocol. This serves the privacy Mozilla has always been committed to, but also costs a few euros per month.

As of now, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also available in Germany and France for Windows 10, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS, previously it could already be used as Firefox Private Network in a test program and in other countries. Over the past few months, Firefox has taken a closer look at how people use the web: “That”s why we now know that users in France and Germany choose a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect their online privacy and data, especially when using public Wi-Fi.” This is exactly what the Mozilla VPN is designed for.

Mozilla protects you from being spied on, whether you are streaming, surfing or working. Thanks to the WireGuard protocol and the server network no one could see the activities, not even Mozilla itself. Only data that is actually needed to provide the service is collected. “Accordingly, we did not keep activity logs, never sell your data, and do not work with third-party platforms that could profile your online activities”, states in the announcement.

Crisis at lordstown motors: ceo and finance chief dismissed, e-van postponed

Lordstown Motors is seeking a new chief executive officer (CEO) and chief financial officer (CFO). The company hopes to build an electric pickup truck called Endurance in the small town of Lordstown, Ohio, starting in September. But a part of allegedly reliable pre-orders turned out to be an air number. On Monday, company founder and CEO Steve Burns, his daughter and head of marketing Brittney, and his CFO Julio Rodriguez had to take their hats.

Mr. Burns also has to vacate his seat on the board of directors, but is compensated with 750.000 US dollars. His post will be taken over temporarily by Angela Strand, the acting chairwoman of the board of directors. Mr. Rodriguez still gets 200.000 dollars plus stock options. For the time being, Becky Roof will take over his financial tasks. She is a manager at AlixPartners, a consulting firm specializing in rescuing unstable companies.

And rescue is what Lordstown Motors needs: the pickup startup is in a serious crisis. "The company believes that its current cash resources are not sufficient to finance the production in staggered numbers and the market appearance of such vehicles. These conditions raise substantial doubts about our (continued) existence for at least a year", is stated in the most recent quarterly report, filed late.

Netherlands: ea has to remove lootboxes from fifa

The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) classified the lootboxes in EA’s FIFA as an illegal online gambling game. The for the "Ultimate Team" players drawn from the lootboxes are not known in advance. Acquired players can also be sold to third parties for an in-game fee, the Ksa justified its classification and last year imposed a fine of 250.000 euros per week and a maximum fine of 5 million euros.

Fine of 500.000 euros – per week

The fine is, according to nu, against both the Swiss subsidiary of EA, which is responsible for the sale of FIFA, and the parent company and can therefore amount to 500.000 euros per week and a maximum of 10 million euros.

EA then filed a complaint with the court. According to the company, it is not a separate game of chance, as the lootboxes are inseparable from the game and the content only has a value within the game. The contents of the Lootboxes can also not be converted into money, EA stressed in the reasoning. Lootboxes in EA’s FIFA can be purchased via in-game currency or for real money in the game.