Study: usa could be heading for decades of megadroughts

Climate change could lead to decades of megadroughts in the U.S., study says. Global warming has increased the risk of such extreme events, researchers led by Mohammad Reza Alizadeh of McGill University and Mojtaba Sadegh of Boise State University explain in the scientific journal Science Advances. Such long periods of drought also occurred in the USA in the 12. and 13. century.

Since the middle of August some fires rage at the US west coast. In California alone, some 19,000.000 firefighters against more than 20 large fires. The flames destroyed more than 5800 buildings since mid-August.

Heat waves and drought

As climate change progresses, extreme events such as heat waves and droughts are occurring more frequently at the same time, the researchers explain. Their study focuses on this co-occurrence of drought and heat over the past 122 years. "Episodes of extreme drought and heat are the recipe for major forest fires", explained Mojtaba Sadegh. "These extremes are intensifying and expanding on an unprecedented spatial scale, enabling the current wildfires along the entire U.S. West Coast."

Woven city: toyota gives starting signal for networked city

Toyota and the specially formed holding company Woven Planet jointly broke ground Tuesday on the connected city of Woven City (The Woven City) in Japan at the vehicle yard of Toyota’s former Higashi Fuji plant.

Toyota announced that the start of construction was marked by a lavish ceremony. At the CES 2020, Toyota had already presented the project of a city with a completely networked infrastructure as a "city" "living laboratory" presented. Near Mount Fuji, Woven City will be a city where people live together with future technologies and develop them further. For this purpose the buildings and vehicles are completely networked with each other. They should collect data via sensors and exchange it with each other. The focus is on research into smart cities, smart homes, robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous driving. The techniques are to be tested in real space. The energy for the city project is to be generated in a C02-neutral manner from hydrogen fuel cells.

At the start of construction, Toyota President Akio Toyoda once again described Woven City as a "living laboratory", that "constantly evolving". Together with the project partners, the challenge is to create a future in which, "To create a future where people from different backgrounds can live happily".

The always-on slr: olympus e-400

Due to the rubber coating, it nevertheless lies securely in the hand, only the metal hooks for the camera strap at the top are in the way. Controls are favorably arranged, with a very easy-to-grip power lever, a prominent central function dial, four function buttons to the left of the display, and a 4-way keypad with a central "OK" button. The right thumb grips the dial for quick value changes.

Mixed felt

There are hardly any shortcut keys available for important parameterizations like ISO or female balance settings or the metering field selection – only the continuous shooting mode, the flash functions and the exposure compensation are directly accessible. However, the 2.5 inch coarse and fine resolution camera display shows a rough part of the parameters in two possible levels of detail in a permanent overview, and via OK button and thumbwheel you can set values there directly. In many cases, this saves having to jump to the main menu, which consists of five tabs and a maximum of four setting levels, is relatively clear, but does not always impress with particularly intuitive placement of the menu entries.

The camera offers 31 shooting programs, 19 of which are subject programs and one shiftable normal program, whereby the variant automatic is limited to exposure bracketing and neither focus nor female balance bracketing are provided. For this, the female balance can be fine-tuned manually in all presets and in automatic mode, and the "focus-by-wire" manual focus can be used in combination with the autofocus without any special switching.

Users in germany receive an average of 13 short messages a day

In Germany, people communicate a lot via short message services such as SMS or Messenger. Germans were allowed to send around 300 billion short messages to each other in the Corona year 2021, according to a survey by Bitkom Research. Women communicate no more than men: both sexes receive an average of 13 messages a day.

People aged 16 and over were surveyed. The age group between 16 and 29 has the highest number of employees, with an average of 18 notifications per day. About 9 percent of them say they receive fewer than 10 messages a day. A majority of 51 percent receive between 10 and 20 short messages, with one-third of this age group receiving more than 20 messages.

The older, the less

Among 30- to 49-year-olds, an average of 15 short messages still land in inboxes on smartphones. The number decreases with age: members of the 50-64 age group receive 11 messages a day, while older people aged 65 and over receive 9 messages a day.

The British actor David (‘Dave’) Prowse is dead. He died on Saturday 28. November after a short illness, his agent Thomas Bowington said, according to BBC. Prowse was most notably known for his portrayal of the character of Darth Vader in the original movie trilogy "Star Wars" world famous.

"May the force always be with him"

According to the BBC report, his agent said in the spirit of the Jedi Order from the Star Wars films: "May the Force always be with him!" ("May the force be with him, always!"). Born in Bristol, Prowse was not only an actor, but also a bodybuilder and weightlifter, and worked as a fitness trainer. In this function he prepared for example the Superman actor Christopher Reeve for his strenuous role.

Not least because of his impressive physical appearance (body size 1.98 m), he was eventually cast in the role of the Bosewight and Sith Lord Darth Vader. Darth Vader is in the famous film series on the dark side of the force and is the opponent of the hero Luke Skywalker. In the fight scenes of Darth Vader Prowse was replaced by fencer Bob Anderson.

Github to use opentelemetry for telemetry data management

GitHub has announced that it will be using the open source project OpenTelemetry to manage telemetry data. Up to now, statsd – a syslog format for plain text logs – and OpenTracing for request traces have been used for metrics.

Apparently, each component did its job well, but interoperability was a challenge, according to the announcement on GitHub. For example, different parts of the GitHub infrastructure used different statsd dialects, which had resulted in the telemetry code having to be tagged with special characters in various places. Different components can have different "Vocabulary" use for similar observability concepts, making it harder to find.

Unity with Open Telemetry

GitHub seems to have found a way to standardize the use of telemetry data with OpenTelemetry, an open source project that provides a uniform and vendor-independent signal. The Open Telemetry Protocol (OTLP) also allows telemetry signals to be interconnected.

Facebook launches information center on us presidential election

Facebook wants to play a more active role in the U.S. presidential election in November. All U.S. users will be prominently displayed an area with official information about the election process and regulations. The area will be similar to the one currently used for information on the corona virus.

The goal, according to a Facebook blog post, is to help four million people register to vote – twice as many as in the past two presidential elections. Facebook also gives users the option to keep election ads and political messages distributed as ads completely out of their news feeds.

At the same time, the online network closes an often-criticized loophole in the distinction of election ads. The advertisements are in principle provided with a link, under which one can get information about who has paid for them. Until now, however, this reference disappeared when a user shared the post in his profile. This meant that it was no longer obvious that the original was a paid post. Now the notice will remain even when sharing.

Our earth has probably at least partly by pure coincidence so long life made possible that we humans could develop sometime. This is the result of an extensive simulation of 100.000 randomly generated planets, which Earth system scientist Toby Tyrrell of the University of Southampton used to find out how unusual Earth’s fate could be.

It is almost certainly due to chance that our home planets have not suffered the same fate as Venus or Mars, for example, he concludes. This could also complicate the successful search for extraterrestrial life on a second Earth.

Gluck or logically?

As Tyrrell now explains in the journal Communications Earth Environment of Nature magazine, it is a mystery how the Earth has remained habitable for three to four billion years, making life possible. It seems more likely that at some point it became hostile to life – as seems to have happened with Mars. For example, the luminosity of the sun had increased by 30 percent during this time, which must have extinguished all life. In addition the climate is hair-barely balanced. Until now, science had amed that stabilizing mechanisms alone were responsible for maintaining favorable conditions.

Exchange leak: almost 40.000 german companies play russian roulette

A dangerous gap against which patches have been available since February and which is already being used for attacks – and yet, in Germany alone, around 40,000 systems are still vulnerable.000 systems are still vulnerable. Not just any systems. It is about Exchange servers. These are the communication centers of companies, through which almost everything is handled: E-mail, calendars, contacts. Nevertheless, many administrators apparently do not care about their security.

As the BSI has now also warned, there are around 40,000.000 Exchange servers in Germany that are vulnerable to the CVE-2020-0688 vulnerability. It makes it possible to completely take over the system via the network. More than half of all administrators of Exchange servers with a web interface directly accessible from the Internet thus rely on the Saint Florian principle ("Spare my house, feed the others!").

Since yesterday, Tuesday, the BSI therefore informs. In addition, the security agency’s IT threat assessment on "3" set. Meaning: "The IT threat is business critical. Massive disruption to regular operations"

Emissions fraud: bgh demands own test case for porsche se investors

The role of Volkswagen’s umbrella company Porsche SE in the emissions fraud will now be highlighted in a separate test case in Stuttgart after all. This is what shareholders demanding compensation from the holding company have achieved at the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), as the BGH announced in Karlsruhe.

Decision of the OLG revised

The Stuttgart Higher Regional Court had rejected its own case last year. The judges there were of the opinion that the claims basically revolved around the same facts as those in the lawsuit already underway against Volkswagen AG and Porsche SE in Brunswick. Thus, for the time being, there should not be a separate test case only against Porsche SE, it hailed at the time.

Karlsruhe judges saw it differently. They overturned the decision of their Stuttgart colleagues and instructed them to now designate a so-called model plaintiff for their own proceedings under the Capital Investor Model Proceedings Act (KapMuG) (Az. II ZB 10. It is significant that the Braunschweig proceedings concern public capital market information of Volkswagen AG, whereas the Stuttgart proceedings concern information of Porsche SE. "The fact that events at Volkswagen AG are at least indirectly relevant in both proceedings is not decisive," they emphasized.