#Stophateforprofit: celebrities put social media accounts to rest

Celebrities to suspend their Facebook social media accounts for 24 hours as part of #StopHateforProfit campaign. This is to increase the prere to do more in the fight against misinformation and hatred. The criticism comes promptly: on those very platforms users complain that the action will hardly bring anything.

Kim Kardashian West has 188 million followers on Instagram. The reality TV star told them that she would not post anything on Thursday: "I can’t sit and be quiet while platforms allow hate, propaganda and misinformation to be shared – by groups that want to separate and divide America." Misinformation has an impact on elections and undermines democracy, she continues. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Perry, among others, also support the boycott.

Campaign to boycott

Initially, several civil rights organizations had launched the campaign and called for no more advertising to be booked on Facebook. This had been joined by more than 90 companies, including consumer goods giant Unilever, Coca Cola, VW and SAP. Facebook makes almost all of its revenue from advertising batches.

Chip contract manufacturer globalfoundries: new us fab and renaming to gf

Globalfoundries plans to expand its site in Malta, New York, which is home to the company’s most advanced semiconductor plant to date, Fab 8. With the investment of one billion US dollars, the company intends to increase production in the short term by 150.000 silicon wafers per year in the short term. This can be achieved, for example, with additional exposure machines on free floor space in existing clean rooms.

A second semiconductor plant is also to be built in Malta in the coming years, with which Globalfoundries plans to double its manufacturing capacity at the site. The U.S. government and customers are helping out with funding, but details such as the investment amount, timeframe and targeted manufacturing processes are not yet known.

So far, Globalfoundries manufactures semiconductor components with structures of up to 12 nanometers in Fab 8, including AMD’s I.

Huawei launches worldwide developer competition

Chinese IT company Huawei is holding its developer competition again this year, adapted to different regions. Goal of the "AppsUp" The aim of the competition is to expand the company’s own developer community and offer interested parties a new development platform.

This comes as the company looks to position its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) as an alternative to Google’s Play Services. Huawei is more or less forced to build a mobile platform independent of Google’s Android since the company is blacklisted by the U.S. government and subjected to numerous trade restrictions.

The company is bringing its Harmony OS into play here, which, like Android, is to be used on various device platforms. For the transfer of Android apps towards Harmony OS acts here integrated Ark compiler, supporting programming languages such as Java, C and C++.

Quantities at the edge of the solar system: the universe is brighter than thought

Our universe is quite dark, but at the same time brighter than amed. At least that’s the conclusion of a group of researchers who analyzed data from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. It is, after all, farther from the sun than almost any other terrestrial instrument. At a distance of well over seven billion kilometers from our home star, their night sky is measurably dimmer than anything we or probes in the inner solar system get to see, researchers explain. Volumes conducted in this environment had now revealed that it is, however, somewhat brighter there than thought. The origin of this light is still unknown.

New Horizons researches and researches

New Horizons was launched in 2006 and on July 14. July 2015 as the first probe ever to pass the dwarf planet Pluto. It had contained a surprisingly complex world. Then again, two years ago, it became the first man-made object to reach a celestial body in the even more distant Kuiper Belt – Arrokoth with its snowman shape. It hasn’t had a new target since, but most recently it had helped astronomers make the grossest parallaxmeng in history. At the same time, however, its instruments continue to function and it provides valuable data for exploring the frontier of the solar system.

Such a long way from the sun, its effects are actually much smaller, researchers now explain. For example, it is about ten times darker around New Horizons than in the darkest places that the Hubble Space Telescope can focus on in Earth orbit. But how bright it is exactly at New Horizons, they have determined with the help of the so-called LORRI cameras on board. After subtracting known light sources such as the Milky Way and known reflection sources, they found that more light remained than expected. The scientists, who presented their analysis at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, do not know the origin of the light.

Esa awards contract for removal of space debris from earth orbit

A year after the tarp was unveiled, ESA has now officially awarded the first contract to remove space debris from orbit. Swiss startup ClearSpace gets 86 million to collect the upper part of a Vespa rocket launched in 2013 and let it burn up in the atmosphere. By awarding the contract to a private company, the European Space Agency says it also wants to play a part in helping this service develop into a new commercial sector of the space industry. At least the orbit became more and more crowded.

More satellites, more risk

ESA presented the plans a year ago and stressed at the time how important it was to create this market. After all, the number of artificial satellites in Earth orbit is currently growing rapidly. "Imagine how dangerous ocean shipping would be if all the ships ever lost continued to drift across the oceans", ESA chief Jan Worner had explained the situation in Earth orbit at the time. Without regular removal of objects that are no longer in use, the risk of a cascade of collisions continues to increase. Such a clash was expected to significantly worsen the trummer problem and could have serious implications for space travel.

To prove that space bulkhead removal works, ClearSpace now plans to conduct the ClearSpace-1 mission in 2025. The Vespa target selected for this purpose has a mass of 112 kilograms, which is roughly equivalent to a small satellite, but is of simple shape and robust construction. It orbits in a parking position at a height of about 660 to 800 kilometers. The ClearSpace satellite is to be brought to an altitude of about 500 kilometers under the supervision of ESA and from there approach the object. With its four robotic arms, it will then grab the object so that both can crash together and burn up in the atmosphere.

Smog and power outages: iran shares blame for bitcoin mining

Iran’s leadership has blamed energy-intensive bitcoin mining for current problems with electricity supply and massive smog in cities across the Islamic republic. Media report that the capital Tehran and other major cities in the country have experienced repeated power outages in recent weeks. At the same time, some of the smog has reached harmful levels, writes Bloomberg.

While other reasons have also been cited, officials have recently repeatedly pointed to illegal Bitcoin miners as being partly to blame as well. Cryptocurrency had recently reached new highs, making mining more attractive again. In the meantime, however, the value has fallen again.

Bitcoin as an alternative to the dollar

The Islamic Republic has for years been the target of increasingly draconian economic sanctions imposed by the United States following the announcement of the nuclear agreement. Exclusion from global trade relations is weighing on Iran’s economy, while at the same time subsidized electricity prices in the resource-rich country are lower than almost anywhere else in the world. For years, therefore, the country has been a popular location for cryptocurrency shurpers who specialize in energy-hungry bitcoin calculations. Previously, China had ordered a crackdown on the practice, driving many miners to other states.

Eu burgers face brexit problems in the uk

Numerous EU citizens living in Great Britain could feel the consequences of the Brexit in the coming weeks and months in an unpleasant way. "There is a whole series of problems that can happen", migration researcher Jonathan Portes told Deutsche Presse-Agentur ahead of a key Brexit deadline at the end of June. In the toughest case, burgers who didn’t take care of their residency rights in time could be forced to leave the country.

Proof only digital

The so-called EU Settlement Program is designed to give EU burgers living in the UK largely the same rights as before Brexit – such as the right to live and work in the country, but also access to the healthcare system and social benefits. Similar programs are also in place for Britons living in EU countries, and for several of them, as in the United Kingdom, the application deadline is the end of June.

After this deadline, it will become clear how well the new systems work in reality. According to experts, it could become a problem that EU citizens in Great Britain can only prove their right of residence in a relatively complicated way in digital form. "The government has made it clear that there will be no physical proof of residency", said Catherine Barnard of the think tank UK in a Changing Europe. "There is no document you can hold up to your employer or landlord." This could lead to acceptance problems, as they would be obliged to get proof of residency from potential tenants or employees.