Open source: europe ahead, security behind

Free and open source software has become a critical part of the modern economy, says the Linux Foundation. At the same time, however, there is a lack of maintenance and there is also a need for improvement in terms of security, for which the foundation sees companies in particular as having a responsibility. Especially external contributors, usually IT companies and users with IT departments, could get more involved with audits and bug fixing, wish open source developers.

93% male, mostly from Europe or the USA

The 2020 edition of the FOSS Contributor SurveyFOSS Contributor Survey, themed "How can we improve the maintenance and security of the most widely used open source projects??" underpins some prejudices, but also provides reliable facts and statistics on the motivation and origins of the independent developer community.

The majority of OSS developers (93% male) are located in Europe (EMEA, 53%) and the Americas (35%), with the United States (28%), Germany (12%), and France (7%) accounting for the largest share of the survey participants. 37% are employed in software development, 17% in system administration, 7% each in "Technology Hardware" or financial and insurance services. Most are employed full time, about half are paid by their employer for their OSS work – 64 percent of US participants, 59 percent of German participants are paid for their FOSS work.

Briefly informed: vaccine, cyberattack, samsung, missile crash

EU to improve global vaccine supply

To supply poor countries with Corona vaccine, the European Union is counting on lowering export barriers and increasing production – but not releasing patents for now. This became clear at the EU summit in Portugal over the weekend. German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a clear rejection to the softening of intellectual property rights. So far, very few in poorer countries have been vaccinated. U.S. President Joe Biden last week surprisingly backed calls for patents to be temporarily revoked.

briefly informed by our site – briefly informed 10.05.2021: Vaccine, cyber attack, Samsung, missile crash

Pipeline in the USA still shut down

After the main gasoline pipeline between Texas and New York was temporarily shut down as a result of a cyberattack, concerns are growing about a prolonged shutdown. In addition, more background on the attack is becoming public. The BBC, citing several unnamed sources, reports that the attack was carried out via the Darkside ransomware. According to the report, the attackers have taken 100 gigabytes of data and want to force a lottery ticket, otherwise they will be published. Several U.S. states, meanwhile, have granted waivers that allow the fuels to be transported on roads.