Cloud: vmware goes devsecops with tanzu advanced

Cloud: vmware goes devsecops with tanzu advanced

As part of VMware’s Tanzu cloud-native product family released in spring 2020, the company has now announced the general availability of Tanzu Advanced. The product thus joins a basic and standard variant, building on the latter.

In general, Tanzu’s portfolio includes products and services – some developed by VMware itself, some sourced from acquisitions – designed to help companies stay in control of their applications from development, through management, to operation. VMware Tanzu was composed of Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (Kubernetes runtime environment), Tanzu Mission Control (management platform) and Tanzu Application Catalog (collection of open source software based on the adopted Bitnami technology).

DevSecOps with Tanzu Advanced

With Tanzu Advanced, VMware aims to help teams accelerate application delivery across multiple clouds – and do it as securely as possible. In the fall of 2020, VMware had introduced Tanzu Basic and Tanzu Standard, aimed at modernizing infrastructure, and facilitating the adoption of Kubernetes. Tanzu Advanced innovations designed to help teams implement DevSecOps. Tanzu Advanced is a full-stack with modular functions for building an app platform suitable for any company.

Cloud: vmware goes devsecops with tanzu advanced

VMware offers three models of its Tanzu cloud-native product family.

Teams will be able to collaborate on application modernization with Tanzu Advanced, as requirements appear to be secured throughout the container lifecycle. This should allow developers to spend more time on pure coding and less on infrastructure, for example by automating sourcing and builds in containers. They also provide self-service access to environments.

For increased security, Tanzu brings source code provenance, automated updates and scans, consistent policies and access control across clusters, and secure connectivity between services, among other features. Operators also gain the ability to centrally manage a coarse or small number of Kubernetes clusters across teams and clouds. Interested parties can find more detailed information about the new features in the article on WMware’s website, as well as on the Tanzu Advanced product website.

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