Data analysis: apache superset 1.0 has reached maturity as a top-level project

Data analysis: apache superset 1.0 has reached maturity as a top-level project

The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has released version 1.0 of Apache Superset. The open source project is designed as a modern business intelligence software that provides comprehensive data exploration and visualization capabilities. With the achievement of the first major release, Apache Superset also appears to have matured to the point where it has joined the ranks of ASF’s top-level projects, of which the organization currently maintains about 200.

Data Science and Business Intelligence

Superset is based on a data science and BI project launched at Airbnb in 2015 that was designed to provide users with the ability to easily explore data from a wide variety of sources and databases and graphically prepare it for analysis. For this purpose, the software provides a comprehensive SQL editor as well as a no-code visualization builder. The data integrated from common SQL or cloud-native databases can thus be displayed via a variety of graphic templates, tracked in interactive dashboards and examined with the integrated SQL Lab.

Apache Superset was accepted into the Foundation’s incubator in 2017. During the preservation phase of the project, the software was already being used by numerous users in various industries – including, in addition to Airbnb, for example, American Express, Dropbox, Lyft, Netflix, Twitter and Udemy.

Data analysis: apache superset 1.0 has reached maturity as a top-level project

Apache Superset helps with data exploration and visualization with interactive dashboards

More templates and better performance

Beyond the no-code visualization builder and SQL editor optimized for queries and metadata workflows, some other enhancements and new features in Apache Superset 1.0 included. Users now have a comprehensive library of visualization templates that can be extended with custom ones. A new caching layer will help optimize the performance of charts and dashboards. In addition, the first major release of Superset introduces an extensible authentication and security model for enterprise use. Notifications and scheduled reports are also now available.

An overview of all features and innovations in Apache Superset 1.0 provide the ASF blog post on the release and the project’s website.

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