Databases: mariadb platform x5 distributes data more flexibly

Databases: mariadb platform x5 distributes data more flexibly

MariaDB Corporation, the company behind the database of the same name that evolved from MySQL, releases MariaDB Platform X5, a new product version. In addition to a new XPand Smart Engine, the development team behind the MariaDB platform is updating the InnoDB standard engine.

Version X5 of the database platform introduces the Xpand Smart Engine, which is based on a distributed SQL architecture. Xpand is designed to provide more flexibility for horizontal scaling (scale-out). The Xpand engine also distributes table data and indexes across database instances, allowing users to perform distributed queries across all data or individual tables.

Updating the InnoDB Component

The MariaDB platform uses InnoDB as the default engine for transactions. The update provides some updates for this component: Key tuning parameters such as the redo log size and the number of purge threads can apparently now be changed at runtime without requiring a reboot.

In addition, the update brings revisions for the ColumnStore engine. In MariaDB Platform X4, the ColumnStore has been designed as an integrable storage engine that can be combined with row-based databases such as InnoDB and MyRocks. In addition to performance and sorting enhancements, version X5 imports a new API for cluster management. This is intended to simplify the use of Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) and High Availability (HA). In terms of HA, version X5 expands orchestration to analytic implementations using the new ColumnStore APIs, apparently delivering a more coherent architecture that should be easy to deploy and manage.

A new plug-in for the HashiCorp Vault

Furthermore, the development team behind the MariaDB Platform introduces a new plug-in for the HashiCorp Vault, which is used for the management of the locks outside the database. Neben den genannten neuen Features erhalt MariaDB Platform X5 einen uberarbeiteten Support fur Apache Kafka- und Redis-Integrationen.

MariaDB Platform X5 steht fur Abonnenten zur Verfugung. Das Unternehmen bietet zudem eine kostenlose 30-Tage-Testversion an. Interessierte konnen sich hierfur an MariaDB wenden. Die Release Notes geben zudem an, dass MariaDB Plattform X5 bald in SkySQL, der Cloud-Datenbank von MariaDB, verfugbar sein wird. MariaDB Enterprise Server 10.5, eine Kernkomponente der MariaDB-Plattform, steht bereits jetzt uber SkySQL zur Verfugung. Weiterfuhrende Informationen finden sich in den Release Notes.

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