Dispute with apple over app store: epic fails with british flank

Dispute with apple over app store: epic fails with british flank

Games company Epic can’t take its rough competition lawsuit over Apple’s App Store to the U.K. for now. The competent British court on Monday dismissed a corresponding claim by.

Lawsuit against Google partially admitted

The competent judge ruled that the Competition Appeal Tribunal did not have jurisdiction and that the dispute had to be fought in the USA. Interestingly, he partially admits to a similar lawsuit against Google and its Play Store. Epic, developer of the popular game "Fortnite" also recently filed a competition complaint against Apple with the EU Commission.

Epic Games sees the rough legal battle with Apple and Google as a fundamental fight against closed platforms: It’s about more than just the 30 percent commission that app store operators collect for selling digital content, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney said in an interview this month. He grew up with the Apple II at a time when anyone could write software, Sweeney said, so open platforms have always been important to him "the key to free markets and the future of computing" been.

Worldwide dispute

The conflict erupted in August after Epic refused to abide by more than a decade-old stipulation that virtual items in the game could only be offered on iPhones and iPads through Apple’s system of in-app purchases. Apple retains 30 percent commission. Epic would like to run its own App Store on the iPhone instead, or at least get the possibility of direct sales. After the iPhone company refused to change the terms of the deal, Epic developers built into the app the contractually prohibited ability to buy items directly from Epic as well. For that, a hidden feature in the app was activated in late summer that Epic had sneaked past Apple’s app callers.

On the very same day Apple threw "Fortnite" from the App Store, citing the rule ban. Epic immediately went to court, accusing Apple of unfair competition. Apple countersued, seeking damages. The gaming company also introduced its own payment method in the "Fortnite"-app for smartphones with Android. Google also banned the app from its Play Store download platform as a result. Unlike on iPhones, however, Android users can also download it from other sources, which Epic then controls completely. With Apple devices such sideloading does not work regularly. (with material from the dpa)

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