Facebook pushes “real news” in news feeds forward

Original stories and news with a traceable originator will be placed higher in Facebook’s news feeds in the future. To do this, the operator of the social network wants to look at several articles on a topic and smoke those that are most often cited as original sources. Initially, this will only be done with English-language messages, with other languages to follow later on.

This does not mean that news prioritized in this way will always float to the top of the newsfeed. Furthermore, most of the news in the newsfeed should come from sources that users themselves or their "friends" Facebook explains. If publishers share multiple news items and are visible in a user’s newsfeed, the "more original" to be given preference so that they are better distributed. The "original reporting" The ie is complex to figure out, so Facebook wants to "Continue to work with publishers and researchers to refine this approach over time".

Facebook under prere

Against the spread of fake news, Facebook has used fact checkers so far. "Community reviewers" The first step is for learning machines to track down potential misinformation and submit their preliminary verdict to the actual fact-checkers. Facebook is currently under prere because major advertisers have pulled out, at least temporarily, because too much hate is being spread on the social network.

With this further step of the "Authorization" Facebook says it is responding to user requests by adding new features to its newsfeed. These favorite news stories that are credible and informative. The original reporting describes the social network as an "important journalism", which is time-consuming and requires expertise. It is significant for users, it says, in the form of everything from the original news to the uncovering of new facts and data to background reports and updates.

Against clickbait

In turn, Facebook downgrades news content whose authorship is not transparent. For example, the names of journalists are reviewed. Facebook has stated that publications that do not contain this information are often not credible to readers and often contain clickbait content or content from ad farms.

The standards for "editorial transparency" Facebook said it has developed a new platform in partnership with organizations such as the Trust Project, the SOS Coalition and Reporters Without Borders. "We are aware that transparency in some areas can put journalists at risk", Facebook emphasizes. Therefore, the new principle will be applied only in limited markets.

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