In brief: disinformation, apple event, vaccine

In brief: disinformation, apple event, vaccine

Fighting systematic manipulation on the net

European media regulators want to crack down on systematic manipulation of debates on the Internet. There is a need for measures against technical online manipulation as well as for a uniformity of definitions of disinformation, the Conference of Directors of the State Media Authorities in Germany and the Group of European Regulators for Audiovisual Media Services announced. "What we need are the tools to successfully prevent problems such as hate speech on the web or disinformation, rather than just reacting to them. Our most important goal is the protection of freedom of expression", said the European representative of the media institutions, Tobias Schmid.

briefly informed by our site – briefly informed 16.09.2020: Disinformation, Apple Event, Vaccine

Apple presents new products

At its event streamed online, Apple unveiled two new iPads. First, the favorable iPad 7 will be replaced by the arguably 40 percent faster iPad 8. Apple has also given the iPad Air 4 a radical redesign along the lines of the iPad Pro with an angular frame. A USB-C replaces the Lightning connector here. The Series 6 of the Apple Watch was also shown-as well as a new, more affordable entry-level model called the "Apple Watch SE" is conducted. The main innovation of the Series 6 is the ability to measure the oxygenation of the blood. In addition, Apple wants to strengthen its service business with a bundle offer: Under "Apple One" The Group is introducing three bundles, each comprising several subscription services.

Homegrown Covid-19 vaccine

About 200 covid-19 vaccines are under development, and more than 30 are already undergoing clinical trials in humans. For a small, prominent group of U.S. researchers, that’s not fast enough. They have launched the "citizen science" Vaccine Initiative "Rapid Deployment Vaccine Collaborative" or "Radvac" has been launched. The group invokes a longstanding tradition among vaccine scientists: self-testing to get initial data quickly and cheaply. The transition to an unsanctioned vaccination study is fugitive. And it lulls subscribers into a false sense of security. Because regardless of whether the FDA puts a stop to the group’s goings-on, the do-it-yourself Covid-19 vaccine is already changing the attitudes of those who have taken it. Read more about the DIY vaccine and what critics are saying about the action in the new October ie of Technology Review.

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