In brief: java usage, lg smartphones, hydrogen, mars rover

In brief: java usage, lg smartphones, hydrogen, mars rover

Java use in Android

Online giant Google has defeated a multibillion-dollar lawsuit filed by software company Oracle over alleged copyright infringement in the Android smartphone system before the U.S. Supreme Court. Google had used approximately 11,000 lines of software code from the Java programming language for Android. The Supreme Court ruled on Monday in Washington that Google had not committed any legal violations, overruling a lower court ruling. Lawyers and open source developers had been eagerly awaiting the vote because a victory for Oracle would have had far-reaching consequences for copyright and licensing of APIs.

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LG discontinues smartphone division

The cell phone division of the Korean technology company LG Electronics has been making losses for years. Now LG is pulling the ripcord and closing the business unit, LG’s board of directors said Monday. Both on a national and international level, the competition is too powerful, he said. The South Korean electronics manufacturer will instead focus on other business areas, such as automotive electronics, smart home, robotics, artificial intelligence and B2B platforms.

Hydrogen in trucking

Hydrogen as a propulsion system for cars and trucks on German roads will, in the opinion of the "economic experts" Veronika Grimm, hydrogen will be indispensable in the coming decades. "It is utopian to believe that battery-powered electromobility will be the only solution", said the Nurnberg economics professor, who is also chairman of the Bavarian Hydrogen Center, to the dpa news agency. Grimm said that hydrogen technology could be used efficiently at a comparatively early stage, especially in heavy-duty transport.

Mars Rover Perseverance

The Ingenuity helicopter survived extreme sub-zero temperatures on its first night without heating the Mars rover Perseverance. This was announced by the U.S. space agency NASA, reminding once again that temperatures at the site of the two devices can drop to as low as -90 degrees Celsius. This could damage electrical components, including the batteries that keep the small helicopter operational. The fact that Ingenuity was able to survive on Mars on its own is another milestone on the way to the historic first flight over Mars, which is scheduled for April 11. April.

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