In brief: vodafone, mahle, apple updates, alexa

In brief: vodafone, mahle, apple updates, alexa

c’t reveals: Security leak at Vodafone with major damage potential

For weeks, Vodafone’s private customer site had a small security hole with fatal consequences: Attackers were able to view customer data, inflate bills, and more. The gap was discovered by quality arance engineer Daniel Werner, who immediately reported it to Vodafone at the beginning of August, but received no response. That’s why he turned to the editors of c’t and heise Security – in the hope that the security hole will finally be plugged when the press inquires at Vodafone. This did indeed have the hoped-for effect. However, why the vulnerability in this prominent part of the website was only closed several weeks after it became known remains unclear. Read the whole story in the new c’t magazine.

briefly informed by our site – briefly informed 25.09.2020: Vodafone, Mahle, Apple updates, Alexa

Auto parts supplier Mahle to close two plants in Germany

The automotive supplier Mahle wants to give up two plants in Germany as part of its tightening austerity measures. The closure of the production facility in Gaildorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, should be completed in the course of 2023, the company announced. The plant employs around 290 people and produces, among other things, camshafts and steel parts for commercial vehicles and cars. The plant in Freiberg, Saxony, with 85 employees, is to be closed by the first half of 2022.

iOS 14.0.1 and macOS 10.15.7 fix bug

Apple has published bugfix updates for all its operating systems on Friday night. Partly known bugs are fixed, partly only security holes are plugged. How the updates for iOS and iPadOS solved a problem, where the new default browser and default email setting jumped back to Apple software after a restart. The new version of macOS Catalina fixes, among other things, a WLAN problem in which some Macs no longer automatically connected to a router. In addition, a synchronization problem with iCloud Drive should no longer occur.

Amazon Alexa: Users can disable saving of voice recordings

Amazon has announced expanded privacy settings for its Alexa voice assistant. Users should get the possibility not to save voice recordings. Voice commands to Alexa will then be deleted immediately after processing, promises Amazon. If the option is activated for the first time, all previously saved recordings should also be removed.

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