Interview lukas gawenda: pictures that tell stories

Lukas Gawenda has been learning since he was 10 years old. He was able to see the unique interplay of light, time, shapes, and colors through photography before the age of six. From America’s national parks and the Sahara to Iceland’s volcanic landscapes, glaciers and rivers, his images are imprinted with stunning natural landscapes. With his photographs he wanted not only to show the beauty of nature, but also to draw attention to its vulnerability. Lisa Rossbach from seen spoke with Lukas

Lukas, you started taking pictures at the age of ten and thus pursued a rather rare hobby in your youth – what got you into photography??

Lukas Gawenda: Strictly speaking, I started taking pictures earlier – I only put the ten years as a rough guide, because I really started at ten years old "consciously" to be photographed. My first experience with analog photography was when I was about three years old, influenced by my father Roland Schweizer, who has been an avid photographer for over 30 years, traveling with his camera, publishing calendars and photo books, and presenting his pictures in multivision shows. My father’s cameras, which were still analog at the time, were practically at my fingertips – I practically grew up with photography.

FuFor many young people, analog photography is no longer a concept, digital cameras dominate the market and are the most popular way to spend moneyumore attractive to most photographers. How do you see this development?

Lukas Gawenda: Analog photography is definitely the better technique for learning. However, it’s getting harder – and unfortunately expensive – to get analog footage. Nevertheless, I believe that analog photography will continue to exist as a niche – it’s just a different way of taking pictures.

You specialize in nature photography, including macro photography, how did you get into this subject focus?

Lukas Gawenda: I first started taking pictures in my backyard until it spread – on photo tours with friends in the region and eventually on trips I captured experiences and natural beauties with my camera. I enjoy being surrounded by magnificent nature, which is no longer perceived by many people. In macro photography, I am particularly fascinated by the "Rough in miniature", it depends on the details. There is a unique story behind every picture you take. Of course, I also wanted to draw attention to conservation ies, such as climate change, and raise awareness about our sensitive nature.

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