Netherlands: ea has to remove lootboxes from fifa

The Dutch Gaming Authority (Ksa) classified the lootboxes in EA’s FIFA as an illegal online gambling game. The for the "Ultimate Team" players drawn from the lootboxes are not known in advance. Acquired players can also be sold to third parties for an in-game fee, the Ksa justified its classification and last year imposed a fine of 250.000 euros per week and a maximum fine of 5 million euros.

Fine of 500.000 euros – per week

The fine is, according to nu, against both the Swiss subsidiary of EA, which is responsible for the sale of FIFA, and the parent company and can therefore amount to 500.000 euros per week and a maximum of 10 million euros.

EA then filed a complaint with the court. According to the company, it is not a separate game of chance, as the lootboxes are inseparable from the game and the content only has a value within the game. The contents of the Lootboxes can also not be converted into money, EA stressed in the reasoning. Lootboxes in EA’s FIFA can be purchased via in-game currency or for real money in the game.

Battle over payment interface: apple chief warns against app store-'flea market''flohmarkt'

Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken out clearly against a direct payment option in iPhone apps, which is being demanded by several app providers. If developers:inside could offer their own payment options, it would turn the App Store into a "flea market" Cook warned in an interview "And you know the level of confidence you have in a flea market".

Cook: "No one wins" by offing

By such an opening of the payment interface became "no one win", Cook argued to the Canadian newspaper Toronto Star. In such a market there would be fewer people and therefore less innovation for users. For apps only a smaller circle of buyers would remain, which would be bad for developers.

Unbelievably, Cook also said that Apple would lose revenue because the company’s automatic commission is tied to the mandatory use of Apple’s payment interface – in its lawsuit with Epic Games, the iPhone company argued that it had a vested interest in in-app revenue from iOS users.

Eu burgers face brexit problems in the uk

Numerous EU citizens living in Great Britain could feel the consequences of the Brexit in the coming weeks and months in an unpleasant way. "There is a whole series of problems that can happen", migration researcher Jonathan Portes told Deutsche Presse-Agentur ahead of a key Brexit deadline at the end of June. In the toughest case, burgers who didn’t take care of their residency rights in time could be forced to leave the country.

Proof only digital

The so-called EU Settlement Program is designed to give EU burgers living in the UK largely the same rights as before Brexit – such as the right to live and work in the country, but also access to the healthcare system and social benefits. Similar programs are also in place for Britons living in EU countries, and for several of them, as in the United Kingdom, the application deadline is the end of June.

After this deadline, it will become clear how well the new systems work in reality. According to experts, it could become a problem that EU citizens in Great Britain can only prove their right of residence in a relatively complicated way in digital form. "The government has made it clear that there will be no physical proof of residency", said Catherine Barnard of the think tank UK in a Changing Europe. "There is no document you can hold up to your employer or landlord." This could lead to acceptance problems, as they would be obliged to get proof of residency from potential tenants or employees.