Radio interference: regulator pulls “water vitalizer” out of circulation

Radio interference: regulator pulls 'water vitalizer' out of circulation'wasservitalisierer' aus dem verkehr​

The German Federal Network Agency has prohibited the sale and use of a so-called "Water vitalizer" of the Swiss Wassermatrix AG forbidden. The device causes radio interference in the amateur radio band, the regulatory authority announced on Friday. According to the report, radio amateurs and other market surveillance authorities have repeatedly reported interference in the past year.

According to the manufacturer, the water vitalizer is supposed to energize the water by means of a hand probe, thereby strengthening the body’s self-healing powers. When the device is used, the water is "hexagonal" structured. "Healthy, hexagonal water is the basis of health and well-being", heibt on the website of the manufacturer, the "Basic Theory" of Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky. The water vitalizer is a further development of Lakhovsky’s "multi-wave oscillator".

"A lot of money for one device"

According to the Federal Network Agency, the thing is not cheap: "The device costs around 8000 euros and has been bought more than 2400 times by consumers in Germany", announced the authority. Those affected were allowed to keep the device, but no longer use it in Germany. "Our test and measurement service ensures that frequencies can be used without interference", explained Wilhelm Eschweiler, Vice President of the Federal Network Agency. "At the same time, the sales ban protects consumers from spending a lot of money on a device they are not allowed to use."

The test and measurement service of the Federal Network Agency had tested the water vitalizer in the measurement laboratory and found that, "that the device has a faulty declaration of conformity and generates an unacceptable spurious emission". The water vitalizer does not fulfill the basic requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, says the authority. The manufacturer has meanwhile included warnings on its website for the use of the device in Germany. The Federal Network Agency has also informed the EU member states and the EU Commission, since the devices are apparently also distributed in the other member states.

Alternative methods

The affected owners of the device, which can now only be described as expensive electronic waste, may be advised to use the much cheaper Uriella method to energize their water. In addition to water, all you need is a bathtub, a silver spoon and 21 minutes of time. Apparently a direct line to Jesus Christ is also helpful.

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