Salesforce bot: you look overworked and broke, please reduce stress

Salesforce bot: you look overworked and broke, please reduce stress

Salesforce launches three new services for its The latter is an application package designed to help companies organize the re-entry of their employees into the post-Corona office.

Health and finance tested

Wellbeing is designed to help employees understand and improve their physical, emotional, social, financial and professional well-being. To do this, they should conduct confidential health assessments and tests on their personal plans. They are part of their own workspace and should be integrated into the daily work routine.

Salesforce bot: you look overworked and broke, please reduce stress

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Based on the results, a bot then suggests measures to be taken. These should help to reduce stress and to visit a financial planner. In addition, supervisors should receive data on the well-being of their employees. For example, if there is a sudden increase in workload, they should reduce meetings.

Learning for your career

Talent is designed to provide employees with an at-a-glance view of their skills, development goals and potential careers. Salesforce will help them do this by suggesting appropriate content through the Trailhead learning platform. Managers, in turn, will be able to quickly identify employees with the right skills or demand that they be trained accordingly.

Finally, with Employee Service, users will be able to help themselves better. Salesforce provides this for the human resources department, among others, where employees can search for common questions and answers or take care of some requests – such as updating their account information – directly.

Service Catalog lists all internal services and products for employees. Requests for these can also be processed automatically. In addition, there are bots that record the internal documentation and are thus supposed to answer questions from the employees themselves.

While the latter bots and the new features for the human resources department will be released in July, all other updates will see the light of day in November, according to the announcement. Salesforce will announce prices only with availability. the provider had launched in May 2020.

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